Venturing into Interactive Design and User Experience


Winning a scholarship to BrainStation's UX program is just the beginning.

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A Scholarship to BrainStation's UX Program

In February, I was granted an amazing opportunity – a scholarship for a UX program at BrainStation Miami. It was a chance I knew I couldn't pass up, a door leading towards a new path in my career.

Taking a Break from Virgin Voyages

To fully commit to the bootcamp, I made a difficult decision – I took a break from my 9-5 job at Virgin Voyages. It was a tough choice, but I was fueled by the desire to learn, to grow, and to become a better version of myself professionally.

Applying New Skills at Virgin Voyages

I graduated from the program at the end of May, filled up with new knowledge and eager to put it into practice. Upon returning to Virgin Voyages, I started applying my newfound skills. Today, I am leading the transition of existing Sketch files to Figma, improving the workflow for other designers and enhancing the work environment for my colleagues.

The journey of learning and growing never truly ends. Having experienced the power of resilience, the excitement of new knowledge, and the joy of helping others, I am optimistic about what the future holds. As I continue to apply my skills and help improve workflows at Virgin Voyages, I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities that are yet to come.

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